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When someone is trying to shut you up, steal your work or just drag your name through the mud, you want First Amendment lawyer Marc J. Randazza. The principal at Randazza Legal Group, Randazza is a zealous advocate both of your right to be heard and your right to silence any nasty falsehoods about you.
While typical cases might involve URL disputes or defamation charges, Randazza is active in shaping First Amendment law. Randazza is a leading force in the fight for laws banning strategic lawsuits against public participation, for example.
In 2013, Randazza Legal Group wrote an anti-SLAPP bill that the Nevada Legislature adopted. The new bill strengthened existing legislation, expanding the scope of protected conduct and shortening the turn-around time for litigation, among other changes. By pushing these anti-SLAPP laws, Randazza is helping to ensure that everyone can air their opinions, good and bad, without fear of retribution.
Marc J. Randazza
“All attorneys take an oath to uphold the Constitution, including the First Amendment. Unfortunately, previously, there was no downside to taking a limited view of this duty. … By adopting [the] changes to its anti-SLAPP statutes, Nevada enters the realm of states that treat its citizens’ First Amendment rights like the sacred protections they truly are,” Randazza said.
And he is not afraid of controversial cases. Marc Randazza has defended adult entertainment companies and taken a case against well-known political commentator Glenn Beck.
Jason Fischer
But Randazza also knows when to attack those who would improperly take cover under the First Amendment. He was instrumental in squashing the “revenge porn” site isanybodydown.com, wherein people whose revealing pictures were posted without their consent would have to pay a fee to have the pictures removed.
“When it comes to porn, here are my rules. Rule #1: The subjects must be adults. Rule #2: The subjects must be consenting adults,” Randazza once said. “If you don’t break either of those rules, I am on your side. I will defend your right to make, watch, display, and sell that content. Break either rule, and I want to hurt you for the damage you do to others.”
Randazza Legal Group also brought down the company Righthaven, which spent its brief life buying copyrights to various artistic works for the sole purpose of suing alleged infringers. By fighting those who would abuse our First Amendment rights as vigorously as those who need their protection, Randazza keeps the marketplace of ideas safe and constructive for all.
He does all this because he hold himself to the highest ethical standards. He will not take a case that could harm our First Amendment protections, and he will not push baseless litigation as a strategic tactic. He will, however, take on a certain number of pro bono cases, and he will take the time to get to know his clients to make sure his legal strategy will always serve their best interests. Randazza Legal Group’s strong track record of spirited, zealous representation has never, and will never, come at the expense of its ethics.
A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, Randazza has been practicing law since 2002. The Gloucester, Mass., native is is licensed in five states (Massachusetts, Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada).
Randazza Legal Group is also home to attorneys Ronald D. Green, Jr., Jason A. Fischer, and J. Malcom DeVoy. Randazza Legal Group is headquartered in Las Vegas with an office in Miami.
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“Seeing that Righthaven was getting its just desserts reminded me of Marc Randazza.”
Marc Randazza . . .

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